Allah’s care

Ever since the incident Allah has been taking care of me, Shajahan being there on the spot, placing me under the treatment and care of Dr. Shahid and Dr.Askar, the SICU staff and now He sends Dr.Ovais .

Still at SICU, I was mentally breaking down at times , lots of questions kept bothering me. My injuries, my new life, expenses etc, hitting almost rock bottom with negativities! That’s when , the critical care Doctor, Dr.Ovais comes by my bed side .He introduces himself . He also mentions that he’d come by my side before, and I had asked him if he was a doctor and asked how my leg was doing? I don’t remember meeting him before.Tell you guys ! Post OT does crazy things ! So we got talking and mentioned something that still rings in my ear to this very moment. “Alhamdhulillah! Allah spared your life, and that He tests those who He loves the most.” He added that he was revert and in short narrated his experiences with Allah’s guidance, at times most difficult in his life. I actually was putting on a brave face when he came , but Allah knew what’s was going on inside me. It was almost like Allah send Dr. Ovais as a reminder to me to keep my faith from falling , Allah’s got me so far, and if I fall He will catch or teach me how to fly on faith ! Dr. Ovais was Allah’s message to keep my faith high.

Little did I know, that meeting was just the start of a good inspiring friendship that was yet to come.

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