Room 861

On Monday, I got shifted to the room at T block on the 8th floor. I had visitor restrictions, not just the covid threat, but fear of my wound being infected.

After the final dressing at SICU, they removed the metal splinter and rested my leg on two pillows covered in rexin, was a huge relief.

Saying bye ….

The staff at SICU, took such good care, I actually was a bit apprehensive leaving the place. I wondered how will nurses be at T block, I know there wouldn’t be around the clock service, but as luck would have it, or as now I say Allah’s plan, my room happened to be right in front of the nurses station. Besides that I was happy that I got be with my family.

So on the 4th day , the 17th of Jan I was reeled in to Room 861, my days of coping up with the new chapter in my life, starts here.

Bed with wheels

We had to hire the bed from SICU, as the patient bed in the room did not have wheels!! It’s actually something that sounds trivial, but an option that can do wonders. Now I don’t know if this option was there in other wards or hospitals, but it wasn’t there in my room. There was a window I could face and the option of being able get a different view even if it’s just a few feet away, or turning the bed in the opposite direction can do wonders for long bed ridden patients, I’d urge Moulana hospital to look in to that .

Treatment and plan of action

I knew I had a OT dressing coming up, to get a better idea on things and spare me the pain. I didn’t know how long I’d have to be here, I was on IV and had daily dressings but for how long ? What was the next step in my treatment and my recovery?

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