OT and the Spectacled masked man !

The OT door flapped open and I saw the familiar circular spot lights again, from my vague memories of OT the night of the accident. Another familiar sight was the Spectacled masked man ! My anesthetist ! This time in my full consciousness I was able actually interact with him briefly.

A bit of back story , I actually kinda remember him from my freak accident in 2013 !! Yeah if I am not wrong he’s the guy who told me , "RIYAZ we are giving you something to sleep you will feel like you gone to Dubai or some other land !!!"

I told him about the food intake , He said “oh actually you were supposed to have an empty stomach for your anaesthesia” he paused for moment but he said “it’s just going to be brief nothing to worry” “You may feel a bit nauseous, and If we wait we’d have to wait till about 5 to 6 hours for your dressing!! ”

I tell you guys, he seemed to be a very interesting character! I don’t know this guy personally, I haven’t even seen his full face ever ! His mannerisms resembled one of them eager mad scientists. A very enthusiastic guy, he seemed to be in love with his profession ! (putting people to sleep!!😊) A very active, kinda like the Mexican jumping beans!! and definitely eager and short of time, coz the last words I heard was “where are the surgeons !! Call the surgeons!! With that I saw some one push the medicine into the can on my wrist….With seconds I saw the OT lights shrinking. I was falling fast in to the same void I experienced before.

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  1. Our Dr. Sudhakar sir 😊

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