The Next turn of events….

OT Dressing

My recovery time , would be close to an year, I keep telling people I have taken on a 1 year project. I’ll soon know how things are fairing after the OT dressing.

I have to admit changing the dressing isn’t a walk in the park, especially in the early days. Besides, the ankle on my injured leg was swollen, they had to get a better look at it, I too wanted that , so as suggested I agreed for an OT dressing, which meant, I’d be sedated for a few minutes and the doctors could take good look at how my recovery is coming along, and also get my ankle examined. Plus I wouldn’t have to go through a painful dressing procedure.

Preparing for OT

The doctors came for their usual rounds and looked at the leg, we discussed the ankle swelling, coz of the Oedema. Doctor couldn’t take a good look at it, we both agreed under Anaesthesia they had better chance to x Ray and most of all I wouldn’t know the pain . So OT dressing was fixed for noon .

Close to noon time, I was given my OT outfit, light blue thin fabric, A shirt that had Velcro and it went around the back, a piece of cloth of the same material,that covered from my waist below. Also had the head covering on. Cool I thought as I took a selfie

I just started to relish food and started taking it in little morsels . Little did I think that the sedatives would have to be administered on an empty stomach!( My bad ). As I was moved to the OT, I told the nurses about having had one or two ‘Dosas‘ ( Round thin food made of rice batter ). There was a pause and confused look on their face. I asked again if that was ok , so one of the nurses, motioned with hands like giving a shot and said probably ” they’d just numb you leg”. With that I was moved to the OT.

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