Travel through the great before

I was falling into nothingness till I reached the great before, for people who have seen the Pixar movie ‘Soul’ will know what I am talking about.

I don’t know how many of my readers have undergone anesthesia or experienced anything like it. The going in to sedation is kinda interesting as long you know that you are going to be sedated. My OT dressing session was probably under 10 minutes, but to me I had long enough time to go through a complete celestial experience, this time in connection with sequence of Joe Gardner’s soul experiencing the after life for the 1st time !! .

Image : Courtesy of Google, Pixar Studios.

The little souls, the characters Jerry and Terry all seemed so real, that I could literally reach out touch them, in fact I think I was smiling or at the most had wonder stuck pleasant expression on my face. Strangely I don’t remember having closed my eyes, I felt my eyes fixated on the ceiling and OT room lights but couldn’t see it until I started to come about. I was for brief moment caught between my sedated world and the real world. Slowly the environment morphed from the great before to the OT ceiling, I could notice the patch marks on the false ceiling, the lights seemed intense and could hear voices and human masked figures moving about. At a point felt my injured leg being raised and lowered or moved about, but there was no pain.

Image : Courtesy of Google, Pixar Studios.

Someone patted me on cheeks asked me something, I was calling out the name Joe Gardner ! Have you ever heard your voice replayed in x times slower , to me that’s what I sounded like to my self. Then as the sedatives wore off , I could start to make little sense of what the masked people were talking. With my voice in slow motion, I figured they were asking me what I was mumbling on about.Then hit me! “How on earth are these guys going to know who Joe Gardner is ???!! Then I actually voiced out 3D Pixar movie !! It’s a 3D Pixar movie guys! It’s a character from the movie!! 😂. I still don’t know if they got what I said .

As I came about more to my senses , I still must have been mumbling something coz as I moved from the OT, I saw a thin maroon or red framed spectacles looking down at me, asking me what am I saying. Thé spectacles looked familiar, and asked her if she was Nurse Dilta from SICU. I don’t remember getting a response, probably must have dozed off again. but I am sure it was most unlikely that a staff from SICU would be in the OT, for such procedures.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen someone talk so well about anesthesia. Lots of joy.😀

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