Vomiting spree continues…

I got back to the room, and threw up again. This time it was just bile, yellow in colour. Later I took some black tea, and out it came like a water fountain, all across the floor! We tried some watermelon, nope!! came out too. Lastly we thought tender coconut water and pulp might be the best thing now. Even had my cousin Shibu bring us some late at night. But that didn’t stick either. At last I took two tea spoons of tender coconut water, no use came out as soon as it went in. I couldn’t take a single morsel of food or an ounce of l. The effects of the anaesthesia should have been worn off by now, it’s been two days. Something was wrong. I was really weak. Dr Shahid, immediately got me on maintenance IV.

Apparently the earlier combination of medicines for pain and antibiotics administered through IV weren’t agreeing with me, they started having side effects, causing the nausea and vomiting spree. I don’t remember how many days I guess it must have been 2 to 3 days.

I remember vaguely on one of the rounds the doctor made, him telling me that, I need to start taking food. That’s why I am so weak, but I couldn’t relish food. I had definitely lost all taste and appetite.

Another side effects of the medicine was I couldn’t take anything that had spices in it, especially chillies. I had something like raw mouth, causing a burning sensation as if my whole mouth was literally on fire.

Another one of Allah’s blessings

This post wouldn’t be complete or do justice if I don’t mention one very important person, my cousin, Shafna. dearly called, Kunjitha by most of us in the family. She used to prepared food catering to how I could have.

She travels everyday about 5 km back and forth, twice a day sometimes thrice, bringing our breakfast, lunch and dinner. She had lost her Husband to cancer couple of years back and she had lot of experience in staying at the hospital for extended days. So she exactly knew what we would need. Another one of Allah’s blessing and I pray that Allah blesses her in every way possible.

Here’s a food for thought, on how one person’s loss, or experience in life can help out another person in his times of need. Indeed Allah is the best of Planners.

For those who don’t speak the native tongue Kunjitha can be translated as – “Kunji” means little and “itha” means elder sister or sister as the case maybe. While writing this I realise its bit complicated to give you guys an exact translation of the word, as literally it means -Little-Elder- Sister!! 😁

With IV maintenance and taking in little morsels of food. My health was getting better.Also the doctors changed the combination of my medication. Although still administered through IV, but this time my body accepted them better.

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