Days of Room Recovery Part 1

Things started to look up, as the intake of food improved, I still had my share of customised food, bland to others but palatable to my mouth!!😊 Thanks to my cousin the – Little Elder Sister!

Day time : Food IV and dressing

Daytime was series of IV bottle changes and injections, two particular ones I didn’t fancy was the pain killer administered through needle and syringe on my bottom, and one particular antibiotic that had an odour that , I couldn’t stand ( errr… or lie down as was in my case 😁) I’d tear a piece of wet wipe insert it in to my mask , when that had to be administered through the can on my wrist. Funny thing is only I smelled the odour, no one else!!! . Nurse Archana did say that some patients had these issues with that particular medicine. Glad she did coz I thought I was flipping 😜

Beating the pain

The dressing ( bandages, gauze and pads) on my leg had to changed daily, a time I had mixed emotions.Yes there was pain, we even use to call it pain sessions during the early days. However there was also laughter!!. If you ever read the book reader’s digest, there was one section called ‘Laughter the best medicine’ its also a common phrase. That’s what we did. We’d joke our way through! 😊

After their OP, Dr Shahid and Dr. Askar would come around with their op assistances , either it was Junais or Shameem, or at times both. I’d call the doctors- Super Heroes and their side kicks !😊. They’d be accompanied by one or two Nurses.

I am nearsighted, so while the dressing is going on I make sure I’d remove my glasses coz one day at pain session I had glimpse of how my leg looked ( frankly gave me a scare !! ) but as soon a I took them off, it was a blurry image. It then looked to me like messed up lasagne!! 😂 , and a bit like roast ribs !!! But I went with lasagne 😊. Ever since that day I’d ask Dr. Askar “how’s the lasagne looking and with each day he’d say the lasagne is looking much better!!

I still take my glasses off at dressing though 😁

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