OT and the delusion…

My 1st surgery, so I was told went on about 2 hrs. I have vague reflections about OT. Lots of voices mumbling, sometimes I hear my name being called. But I could almost be dreaming, lots of in and out of black voids, traveling through fabric, yes strands of fabric!! If you ever seen the movie Wanted , with James McAvoy, Morgan freeman and Angelina Jolie , you could almost guess what I talking about. It’s the scene where that camera kinda zooms in through the cloth in the mill where Wesley is shown by Sloan how the fraternity chooses the names in the fabric to be assassinated! Told you guys I watch too many movies 😁.


I already mentioned Dr. Shahid and how my injuries has created a bond between us. So my delusional thoughts in between all the celestial travel through fabrics and black voids was, I was asking for Dr Shahid. That’s probably why I suppose at SICU they asked me if I knew him before. Anyhow I had only vague reflections of this, curiosity got the better of and I finally decided to ask Dr. Shahid himself.

Delusion turns real and faith in a doctor .

I think instead of filling this section with words I’ll add in the conversation that went on later over whatsaap ( with his permission)

That bit of info about me holding on to his hands, was the cherry on the cake, I had no recollection of what had happened, but I do remember being lost scared and hoping it was Dr.Shahid, as mentioned he fixed my last two injuries hopefully he will mend me again! Faith in my doctor! 😊🙏

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