Days of Room Recovery Part 2

Flashes of light

Night time was hard. I still hadn’t come out of the trauma and kept reliving the incident over and over. The collision, a flash light, the sound, my vague recollection, what had happened on the night of January 14th. My leg feeling all jello like and mangled laying on the road. All came back to me at night.

Earlier l had requested for counselling. A tall slender looking man came to see me, he reminded me of the CEO, from my former studio. Those who worked at Toonz Animation, would know 😊. He was Dr. Musthafa, the psychiatrist of the hospital. I don’t remember having much conversation with him. I was guess I was still tired from my vomiting spree. I was given two tiny tabs ( packed with a punch ) to knock me off to sleep. It helps most of the days but there are some days the trauma still haunts me.

Waking up the next day in time of Fajr ( morning prayers) was the task. The days I happen to take the meds a little later than usual I end praying Fajr 3 times!! 😬

I tried sleeping with out it once! And learnt never ever to do that again! One of the worst nights ever. Those lessons learnt hard will always stick !

Meeting The Best Tube Cleaner ever.

Moulana Hospital has a nursing a school. Students from 1 to 4th year get postings with patients as part of their training.

This is where I met Risbin ! He came for his practical exams, I was his subject or in medical terms his ‘case’! I was still in trauma and any discussion in regards to the accident made me uneasy. Yup you guessed it, his 1st question was to write about my accident. I told him why I couldn’t do that, and he respectfully agreed. He took around 30 to 45 minutes and was done. He thanked me and left.

One of the training involved cleaning the ‘tube’ or urinary catheterization which was a daily routine, it was difficult for me, more when female students came to clean the tube. I know it was part of their training, but it was discomforting for me and took sometime getting used to.

One time I heard a familiar voice “Ikka ?? ” meaning – Big Brother in Malayalam ( regional language). ” How are you doing? ” It was Risbin, this time he got posted for tube cleaning. He did a pretty good job. and from then on he’d come daily. We chatted a lot during the procedure. He told me about his family, his brothers, sister, parents and his studies. His plans for trying a nursing job abroad for better prospects. He said he wanted to learn English. I told him I’d help out. Last day of his posting he came to say goodbye I wished him good luck and we both exchanged numbers.

l didn’t have my glasses on when ever we had a conversation so this might not be an a accurate draft of him

I have to admit with Risbin’s duty as the tube cleaner over, I could feel the difference when another nurse came for the same procedure. Risbin was more professional, so named him as the best tube cleaner ever ! 😊👍

Strange how connections are made over a students posting duties with a patient. Now a days we catch up on WhatsApp, rectifying his grammar on and off.

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