Days of Room Recovery Part 3

My days usually starts early morning around 6, with a knock on the door by the Nurses. Most days I’d be just waking up by that time, depending on how drowsy I felt from the sleep meds. I would have prayed Fajr one or two times 😬

The nurses would check the usuals Blood Pressure , Pulse and oxygen levels . Administer the meds, and leave. I would spend some time listening to short faith boosters on you tube, listening to Mufti Menk or Nouman Ali Khan ( both good Islamic scholars) helps keep the faith up 😊.

By 9 am Little Elder Sis would have got breakfast and then it’s meds again in between, remember the particular antibiotic and painkillers? 😁 and then the pain session, getting to know how my lasagne is fairing 😊

Faith strengthens!

If someone were to ask me if my faith strengthened more after the incident, I’d say yes!! Apart from the blessings I can still count for, It also had to do with one particular visit from Dr. Owais. The critical care doctor I had befriended at SICU. With his visit, we learned that we had common acquaintances and friends. But the most best thing that came out of his visit was my realization about Allah’s plan. He asked me to think “why Allah didn’t take your soul that day, why Allah spared your soul. Allah’s got better plans for you and He expects something from you”.

That day at Maghreb ( evening prayers) I had the best prayers ever. I felt so connected, that I was in tears, tears of Joy!! 😊

Off from IV

With my health back in order, the IV drips and the meds through the can had stopped. They got me on tabs and pills. In fact the doctors said I could actually go home!! 😊 at least for now. I’d probably have to come back every 3rd day to change the dressing on my leg.

I needed to practice to sit as mentioned in my previous post I had made it to standing, now I had to get off on to a chair or a commode and get back on bed. So decided to stay a few more days to continue with my physiotherapy. I’d also get more dressing changes done every day until I leave . So next plan was to sit !

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