Injuries makes connections !!

Pain Session and connecting with the past

I already mentioned about how my past injuries have made a bond with Dr. Shahid. While one of the dressing was going on, a lesser pain session than usual. It was just Dr.Askar and Junais, Dr. Shahid was busy at OP with other patients. So after giving me a review on how my lasagnea was fairing, Dr. Askar said it doesn’t look like a lasagnea anymore. Good news!! I still didn’t have my glasses on ( on purpose!!!😁)

I casually asked Dr. Askar where he’d studied, I didn’t specify which course, but he replied, “Pune and before, that schooling in Saudi ” Saudi Arabia ??!! I thought in my mind.

‘ For people who do not know me personally: I too did my schooling in Saudi Arabia !!’

I quickly shoot “ where in Saudi ? He answers “I did my schooling in IISD- Indian International School Dammam” before he could ask anything back, I said “ oh yeah ! back then when I studied there it was called the Indian Embassy School !!! I guess both our faces light up! Although Dr.Askar is way my super junior, it still felt good to see someone from school. I could feel his excitement too coz as soon as Dr. Shahid walked in Dr.Askar points at me and goes “ We studied in the same school!!!”

You know or at least some of you would know, the feeling of meeting some one from your high school, after 30 some years, even though we are from two different eras of that school! Dr.Askar also added that another doctor named Harin the plastic surgeon in Moulana Hospital , senior to him also studied at Dammam IISD /IES. Yup we are all over the world!

Image Courtesy : Facebook page

What’s kinda weird was my Cousin Anzar was Dr. Shahid’s high school classmate !! And we had just established that connection a few days back 😂. What can I say it’s whole school reunion spree 😂

Suddenly the talk shifted from lasagnea and wounds to good old school stories. I was one of the 1st batches when the school started out in the 1980’s ! We were exchanging names of teachers that probably could have taught us both from my era as well as his, and finally one teacher’s name clicked! Mrs. Mariyum Sageer !! Oh man that was a walk down memory lane!! If that was not enough, Dr.Askar added that she was also his Aunt. Now my family knew Mariyum Sageer like a family friend back in the days. In fact I used to call her Mariyum Aunty too!!

My mum sitting on the by standers bed was keenly listening in, I guess she too was basking in the memory lane we both were on, off course of a different generation. She had lost touch with Mariyum Aunty since a long time. We got her number from Dr.Askar and well let’s just say mum and aunty had lot to catch up from then on.

We were so caught up in old school memories that Dr. Shahid looking at his watch, interrupted in between and said “ ok, you guys carry on I have got to get back to OP 😁”

Another connection from the past and a sweet surprise!

While talking with Mariyum Auntie, I happened to mention another teacher’s name, BB Hashim And she said ” yeah, she’s my neighbor!” and aunty sent me her number. Next is me calling up my 1st Grade teacher after 39 years, and giving her a sweet surprise one morning! She was really happy and it made her day!! What’s even more surprising is that until now I actually thought her name was BB Hashim, where as her name was actually “ Fathima Beevi Hashim !! It took me 39 yrs and a injury of this scale to connect with her and realize her correct name! 😊Surely Allah works in mysterious ways.

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  1. Nice to go through your memories. Very original and well written. Happy to know that You still remember the old school days and above all we feel blessed that our students still remember us. May Allah bless you to regain your health. Pray for your speedy recovery.

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