The Diaper story

Allah sends another hope….

I am going to be a bit open here, I tell you people, going in the diaper isn’t a good feeling at all. Going in a diaper laying down is even worse. No wonder babies cry out once they poop in their diapers !!😂

My heart goes out to those who are in such situations. For me having to depend on someone else to wash up after you is also very awkward no matter who they are. But at times however independent you want to be, you still have to take the help of others.

I was at my lowest point one particular day, and at noon we got a knock on the door, unusual time for the nurses to knock I thought to my self . It was Dr. Febeena ( Febitha to me ) the physiatrist. This is the second person who have grown close to me due to my injuries from the past. It was at her center I had taken treatment when my median nerve got injured. Undergoing intensive physiotherapy for months. Yeah prone to accidents!! Hopefully this recent one puts an end to this spree from now on 😊

I told her my difficulties and the diaper story 😁. She says we can slowly start physiotherapy if l am up to it, and at least get me to use a commode. She discussed with Dr. Shahid and he too said if I am up to it , as long as I don’t give weight on my injured leg

Starting out on a Walker

So a physiotherapist was sent the next day , and we tried supporting myself on a walker. I have been bed ridden for the past 10 to 12 days. There was muscle wasting showing up on my thighs. So had to start physio exercises. The walker session went unsuccessful as it caused pain and as well as some bleeding. Having heard the outcome, Febitha came the next day. We decided to try standing on my left leg with my injured leg kept supported and straight. She’s been a good motivator in the past and I had full faith in her. With her and my partner’s help not only did I stand and get back to bed but I did that twice !!. Oh boy I can’t put into words what I actually felt that day. I felt taller, Febitha joked that it might the feeling of having accomplished something!! She was right!!😊

If this was my feeling for being able to stand after 12 days, then imagine someone standing for the 1st time, whose been bedridden for much longer than me!!! 😃

Simple Things for granted

Something as simple as just standing for few seconds made me feel as if I have accomplished something huge ! Something so simple which I had taken so much for granted, before the night of January 14th. We don’t realize how lucky we all are with so many things that’s seems to us as second nature. When you loose the ability to use your, eyes, hands or even your fingers, you realise just how valuable that is.

That night I was very much tired, After the accident just trying to sit upright supported by my arms, seem to drain the energy so you could imagine trying to get off the bed and stand one one leg.

Yet I went to bed feeling proud of my accomplishment and basking in the hope from Allah. Before dozing off to slumber land, I planned to make the second move, sitting on to a chair! If I could accomplish that then I could use the commode. Which meant no more diapers !!! 😁

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