My Prognosis

Give me the details, but spare me the visuals

I am glad that, the night of the accident I landed up in Dr. Shahid’s unit. I don’t know about others but I am the sort who would like to know what’s going on with the treatment plan, what’s the next step, and how are things fairing. I’d say “give me the details, but spare me the visuals!” 😁 Dr. Shahid’s got pictures of my leg right from the night of the accident to this point. He and Dr.Askar gives me details on how things are looking ( how’s the lasagnea ? 😁) and the upcoming treatment plan and procedure but I have asked them not to share the pics with me yet.

My family and some friends who know me personally would know the urge I have, to document things around me through photographs, ( if you guys read the older posts apart from the accident ones, you’ll know what I am talking about) and this is the only time I have put that urge on hold 😁. I have asked Dr.Shahid to save those pics and show it to me the day I start walking 😊. In Sha Allah! 😊

By now I got somewhat of a picture on the prognosis of my injury. So under the white bandages, paddings and the industrial work of nuts and bolts that the nice doctors have put together. I have two broken bones, with some muscle damage and extensive skin loss. The nuts, bolts and the steel rods you see in the picture are just holding the bones in place, so the bones are not fused yet. Doctor’s primary concern is the skin and wound healing. There is considerable “ oozing” or flow of “wound fluid” or in medical terms “exudate “coming from the 3rd pin. Since I have lost considerable amount of skin, I have to go in for skin grafting, once the wound heals a bit.

Only after that they can do something about the bones. So once the skin grafting is done and all healed, I’ll have to go in for another surgery to place a something called a nail, ( to me a long steel rod from how the Dr. Shahid described it!)

Frankly I don’t believe these medical terms, last time they said they’ll pull out the “K- Wires ” while recovering from my freak accident in 2013.They pulled out two-‘2 inch nails ‘out of my thumb!!! 😂😂 ( sure I am laughing now ) but back then I was freaking out!!, I asked Shameem the OP assistant, where’s wires ?? !! You guys said wires !!!??! and He handed me those 2 inch steel nails with a grin on his face😁!!

Its going to be long treatment plan with one step at a time ( ironic how that sounds !!!!😜. Depending on how my wound heals. they will move with the next step !

My new year plan

We are still in the new year. I bet some people are still planning out this years to do list, while others are trying hard to stick to their new year’s resolutions. Me? I got it all planned out for me. In sha Allah. It’s very simple!! This year work on healing and finally standing. Then walking. I do have a surprise plan but let’s take it one step at time!! 😜😊👍 In sha Allah

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