Potty training 😁

Chair Transfer

Remember my next goal was to train my self to sit on to a chair. So I could start using a commode, when I got home. The last day at the hospital Danesh my physiotherapist came and we did the usual warm ups and the 3 physio exercises. Once that was done, I started my “long journey!!” from bed to chair.

With slow and steady progress inch by inch , taking breaks in between, I was able got off the bed to standing position. Finally I was able to β€œtransfer” my self on to a chair with my injured leg kept straight and supported on a chair with pillows. Danesh was very patient and encouraged me with every inch I progressed!!

Me staring at my bed , my final accomplishment before leaving the hospital.

Although I made it on to a chair, Danesh was concerned about getting me back on to the bed. The bed we hired from SICU, was pretty tall, but I was confident about the bed back at my parents ( my future stay from now on ), as that was a low sized bed. All I had to work on is my shoulders, arms and hands. Which are going to replace my right leg to an extend this year. It took some more effort getting back on the bed, but finally made it back!

Although the journey back to bed drained the life out of me, I was feeling more accomplished! Yes I did it!!! I hated using the diapers and that hate really pushed me to take on this task. Funny how you can use something so negative as “Hate” to turn things around to something fruitful and positive. I guess not all negative emotions are that bad if you can channelize them into something good.

So I slept better that night, on the eve of my discharge. Wondering at all that have happened, my new learnings, new contacts, new friends, connecting with people from my past and the experiences I have had up to now and the experiences yet to come!

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  1. Did I catch the bus this time?

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