After 18 days I got discharged. I had accomplished bed to chair transfer and back again. With my bed back at home being lower than the one at the hospital, shouldn’t be too much of a task . My nephew came by morning to collect our things, and we’d close all the formalities, settle all the dues, get the medicines, and finally head home.

It’s kinda cool they this facility here, I have only seen this at the Airports

I had the last dressing done for the day. Dr. Shahid came with Junais by evening. Dr. Askar wasn’t feeling well so he had already taken off for the day. I told you from my prognosis post that there was already oozing from the 3rd pin. Dr. Shahid managed to clog that with a gauze wound around the pin trying to stop the oozing from spilling out. We joked as always at pain session. I said “ah! Good plumbing job !” “ My dad (a handy man himself around the house) does the same with pipe leaks and cracks back at home” Dr. Shahid replied “Here we do carpentry, plumbing, fabrication and electrical if needed , and yours at the moment is more of sculpting!! 😂”

I think one of the nurses told me ” its ok, you’ll heal soon and that you are getting to go home today ” Dr.Shahid chimed in with a smile and said , ” Oh you’ll see more of him from now on ” and ” He is just going home for two weeks ” True I was. I’d have to come back after two weeks and get a review and if all looks good then on to skin grafting! So I told the nurse ” Yes ! I have taken on an one year project this time, so yes! you guys will be seeing me on and off !”

I had been told that I would have to have the dressing done every 3rd day, but with recent observation they had decided that it needed to be changed every alternate days !!

Although my residence isn’t that far from the hospital. I still couldn’t imagine coming out here every alternate days !! The doctors had told me they’d try would come home. Man I was like almost in tears when they said that, I didn’t know how that would work out , with their busy schedules and timings. Would have to wait and see, but it was a huge relief if they could manage that. Another one of Allah’s blessings ! I am sure. May Allah bless them for their efforts and services! 😇

Killing time sketching away while I wait for the Ambulance

I was worried about moving about and was kind of nervous, ok ok I admit it I was pretty nervous !! I was happy to be going home but at the same time I was nervous too …I don’t know its a weird feeling.

I guess I was bit anxious how things are going to be back home. Its going to be different being put up in the same place every day. I wondered how things will be from now on. I was also nervous about the ambulance ride, road condition. Last I remember the road to my place had more pot holes than the road it self!! I hadn’t moved around so much since the last 18 days. Moving from the room meant, sliding on to stretcher, and from there sliding on to the ambulance stretcher. My last big task was getting on to a chair, this seemed even bigger. Any how I’d have to face it when the time came. So to take my mind off I sketched out on my little sketch book while I waited. It was about 6 pm when nurses told us its time to move. With that I began my trip back home!

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  1. A small step and a giant leap for all time

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