Going Home

Hold the rod not my leg !

Now moving my leg meant some one assisting me by supporting the pillows underneath or holding on to the steel rods. Yes ! As (OMG) as it may sound, lifting the steel rod to move my leg is much better than directly holding my ankle, heal or on the bandage area or anywhere.

But the usual instinct is to hold my ankle or heels, I don’t blame people but it’s happened with my mom, one of the staffs, the head physiotherapist, it even happened with one of the nurses while moving me from the hospital bed to the stretcher on the ambulance.

So now a days I just ask them to support the pillow and I try to move my leg on my own. 😊

Ambulance ride

The ambulance ride was not good. I guess it had more to do with it being the 1st time. As I mentioned in my previous post, I hadn’t moved around so much. Even the OT dressing I went in the bed we had hired SICU and came back in the same bed.

I don’t know how long it took to reach my parents home, I guess about 10 to 15 mins . But to me my 1st ride out after 18 days took longer. I was trying to bear the pain as the driver manoeuvred the ambulance between the pot holes with occasional jerks and bumps.

At home

Former pic of my home before the plants

My home is what we call here a ‘quarters’ it’s kinda a duplex with apartments on the top floor and ground floor. I live on the top floor. Its very close to my parents home, you could say we are almost in the same compound. As we pulled over to our drive way, looking through the ambulance window laying down, I could only see the upper portion of my house pass by. It will be an years time before I could be at home, as I wouldn’t be able to handle the flight of stairs in the present condition. We pull over at my parents front yard. They had arranged extra hands to help move me inside the house. My cousin Shibu and Noushad the dental assistant from my brothers clinic.

Parents/Bro’s home

I was pulled out on the stretcher and wheeled to the entrance near the main door. The room allotted at my parents home was my niece’s room downstairs, she’s away at Manipal for her higher studies. ( Thank you Aazmiya 😊) I was literally shaking as I struggled trying to move my self from the stretcher on to the bed. With everyone’s help I finally lay on the bed, resting after what seem to me like I just finished a triathlon event. It was Maghreb time and I prayed and thanked Allah for all the blessings.

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