Foul smell

After my 1st dressing at home, we noticed that there was more oozing with more reddish colour than usual, and the foul odour was increasing.

I send a pic to Dr. Shahid and he said he’ll come by later in the day. When he arrived there was Dr. Shahid, Dr. Askar, Junais as well as Shameem this time !!!. Dr. Shahid joked “ we thought we’ll bring the whole OP team !! 😃” it was really nice to see the whole team!


The dressing was cut open by Junais, He is the front line of offense, his job – is to infiltrate and create an opening !! 😁- best at his job!! I was telling him that initially I was pretty much concerned if he’d cut through the bandage too deep that the blade would reach my leg… !! ( gulp ) but soon consoled myself saying considering what lies under the bandage, a few small cut isn’t going to make much of a difference !!! 😂

Shameem, “Mr. Strong Arms !!”Was best at lifting my leg by the steel rods for keeping it up. While Dr. Askar “the recon man” went in armed with forceps and gauzes!! Dr. Shahid the head of the unit and mission, sitting by my side supported my thighs and used the sheer size of his broad shoulders !! 😁 shielded me from gross visuals ( an everyday job for these guys !!! ) while the recon man worked his magic as he went in for a sweep and clean mission over my wound!! Yeah folks I got a whole GI JOE unit working on this treatment mission! 😊👍

The reports from recon and assessment by the unit head was that there was some dead skin and the unhealthy layer of tissue causing the odour and they would have to call in the specialist – “the wound specialist!! ” Dr. Harin. The team had captured enough visuals to discuss with him, back at base camp ( Moulana Hospital) 😁

I think I had already mentioned Dr.Harin in my “ injuries create connections” post. And yes you guys this actually is unbelievable but yes … The wound specialist also studied at my school in Dammam !! He would fall in between Dr.Askar and me. He was from the era who saw the transition of our school from portable cabins to concrete buildings. It sure is a small world after all 😊

So once the team had all the intel, the next thing was to get Dr.Harin’s eye on the photographs of my wound and see what needs to be done. I was supposed to be home for about two weeks. But from the looks of things Dr. Shahid said I might have to go back to the hospital earlier, anyway, we’ll wait to get Dr. Harin’s opinion on it.

The next day the team assembled again at my place for a 3rd dressing and probably the last one at home. This time it was just the trio, Dr. Shahid, Dr. Askar, and Junais. So news back from base camp was, the wound specialist has to have eyes on review. There may be a chance that I might have to go under the OT lights again, for a complete sweep and clean up mission of all the dead skins otherwise known as in medical terms “ Skin or wound debridement” and then attach a vacuum pump to drain out the oozing “the exudate”. Dr.Shahid had already mentioned the possibility of attaching this Vac gizmo earlier. But a 2nd surgery so soon? It all depends on the review with the wound specialist and to draw up the next plan of action.

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  1. No words to comment on your writing. You have a natural talent in the narration of the incidents in real life. You made every one realise the importance of the blessings God has bestowed upon us and how we take all these for granted. Keep praying for your speedy recovery. I am in Saudi now with my son Sumeet and Musaad. Will be here for two months inshaallah. Going to Meka to perform umra. Will do special duas for your speedy recovery. Take care. Keep writing ❤️ You son.

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