Salute to the Services and Care

Remember I mentioned having to change my dressing every second day and the fact that the doctors offered to come home to do that. We all had our thoughts on the practicality of that arrangement. I mean come on these guys are busy doctors, they have around-the-clock cases at OP, inpatient review rounds to go about, and also some have visitations at other hospitals. And not to mention they got their family time too. So finding time to make a house call like in the old days seemed quite slim.

The arrangement was they’d come home on Thursday and Saturday. So when the day arrived we got prepared with bandages and gauzes we got from the hospital pharmacy at the time of discharge. Waited for Dr. Shahid and either one of his sidekicks, Junais or Shameem.

By afternoon I could hear a car pull over at the front yard. Dad came into the room and said Dr. Shahid is here. Actually, my heart was jumping, I don’t know I guess I was anxious about my dressing my wound at home or just that I was excited about them coming over. I can’t really put it in words. When they came through the door it was Dr. Shahid and Dr. Askhar followed by Junais. I was really happy to see all of them. I didn’t expect Dr. Askhar as I knew he wasn’t well and was on leave that week. But he had recovered and was back in action. Yes, it was definitely was good to see them again 😊

Pain sessions at home

Even though I call it pain sessions, most sessions were nowadays bearable pain sessions, and with these guys, we’d always have something to kid about. One time Dr. Shahid was giving me the treatment plan, for the next coming months, and he mentioned that I might have to go in for two skin grafting sessions, since one area in the wound, the tissues look a bit unhealthy. They may have to put in an initial layer of skin 1st and then graft another one over it. In layman’s terms, when you plant something in your garden and you realize the soil in one area is not healthy, you mix in healthy soil mix to make sure the plant grows well. Kinda the same thing. This also meant I would have to go under the OT lights twice! Dr. Shahid nodded yes! 😊. I told them it’s not going into sedation that bothers me, last time I had almost a stereoscopic virtual walk around into the great beyond the sequence of Pixar’s movie soul!! 😊 It’s the coming out of sedation, the parking lot, etc, that bothers me. That’s when Dr. Askhar goes “ well…. we could always ‘NOT!’ 😳😳give you the anesthesia and do all the grafting!!!”😬😁. So no out of sedation and parking lot situation! Well, that was one convincing point!! I’m like “ nope! coming out of sedation is just fine! 👌! In fact, I love the parking lot!! 😁😂. No more complaints!! Thank you very much!! 😁

It’s was a real blessing that they came over. My parents couldn’t stop saying what amazing patient care they had shown. ( Masha Allah ). First, the up and down, stretcher and ambulance ride would have drained the energy out of me. Second, the fact that getting to see these guys, the positive vibes they bring in, getting to know how things are fairing, all helps in the healing process. 😊 Hats off to all of them!!! 😊

Although the dressing was to be done on alternate days, they had to come every day for the next 3 days coz something happened that gave way to the next turn of events. Somethings started to smell foul….

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