Back to the hospital

I woke up a bit drowsy the morning I had to go to the hospital. I had my meds a little late the previous night. On such mornings it’s usually a slightly disoriented start of the day. Everything is a little slower than usual. However, with the help of my family, I was able to get ready before the ambulance arrived.

Ambulance ride

I got “ambulanced!” 😁back to the hospital, this time they wheeled in the whole stretcher by my bedside and the task seemed easier than last time. Having to carry me on the handheld stretcher was a shaky ride. It wasn’t the pain or my leg that concerned me. Rather the side to side slight rolling motion while they hand-carried me on the stretcher. I could see on their arms, the pressure of carrying a 73 kg person plus the stretcher weight. Not to mention the expression on their faces from sheer exhaustion! My cousin Shibu also accompanied me in the ambulance. This time the ride wasn’t as bad as the 1st one. At the hospital, I told everyone “ you guys make sure the trolley beds don’t move, I’ll shift myself and my leg”. After the change from the ambulance stretcher to the trolley stretcher bed, we went straight to Dr. Shahid’s OP.


We waited around for a few minutes, in front of the OP. I was still a bit drowsy so dozed for a while, till the cold AC breeze in the OP procedure room woke me up, as they wheeled me in. I greeted Shameem and Junais and then I saw Dr. Askhar. Dr. Shahid told me I look a bit sleepy. I mentioned having the meds late the previous night. Junais went to work, while Dr. Askhar and Shameem supported my legs. With everything open and ready, Dr. Harin walked in and reviewed my injury.

I saw a blurry image ( still take off my glasses 😁 at pain sessions) of them discussing things, and the decision was made, just as Dr.Shahid had told earlier “ Skin debridement!!” Or removing the dead skin and tissues. They had asked me to come prepared for admission. As usual, we talked, laughed, and discussed cycling through the dressing procedure. Well, I suppose, the drowsiness still stuck with me, I can’t recall anything specific about what we joked or talked about, but I think I am pretty sure it involved cycling 😊

I fully trust Dr. Shahid’s call. I mean he knows what he is talking about, and now with the wound specialist involved, I had no doubts about their decisions. The next day was their OT day and I was going to be at the hospital for the next few days – my two-week-long break at home was cut short by a week.

Akthar arrives

It’s been some time, trying to find a hired help for me, someone like a male home nurse. After contacting numerous home nurse centers and contacts after contacts, finally, we were able to locate someone that fit our needs and budget. Earlier that week I spoke to a homeopathy student. He was looking for work while he waited for his final year results, which were to be announced in a month. I had only spoken with Akthar a few times over the phone. I had briefed him on what his job would include. I was already potty trained!! 😁 so that’s something he didn’t have to deal with 😊. He mentioned although he had no experience in this line he was open to learning. He said “ Ikka ( Big brother ) you tell me once how and when to do things I’ll pick it up from there” He accepted the offer He would meet us at the hospital on the day of my admission.


I was taken to casualty for an antigen test ( covid protocol for admissions). Outside my family and Akthar were waiting. When I saw Akthar for the 1st time, he seemed kinda short, and humble😊. We got admission at T block room 875, it was an Ac room, as the other non AC ones were all full. We were told we could move once there was a vacant room in the non AC section. The room wasn’t any different from a non AC room, except that it had an AC and side table for the patients to take their food by the bed. By now I was out of my drowsy state, or as I would say in my lingo “ I am on! 😁”

Later in the day, Dr. Shahid came for rounds. He asked how I was doing and said the surgery is planned for the next day, sometime around midday.

It was a waiting period from then on. That’s when I realized this would be kinda the 1st time I am “consciously !!” going under surgery! 😂 yeah I know that’s a weird statement, but the last time I was under surgery, was the time of the accident, and even the past injuries it was all under emergency. Yeah but there was that OT dressing episode. But that wouldn’t count as surgery although I did go under anesthesia. I had my concerns over the parking lot and wondered if this time I would be parked there. I did request Dr. Shahid to park me somewhere else, he said he would try to put me up in the ICU on the top floor.

I am not sure if it was the same one I was put up for my thumb injury. Digging into my memories ( vague) files I remember it being cozy! But that time too post OT experience was difficult for me, I was stuck in a nightmare and kinda caught between a sleep state and an awake state. I was sleeping and going through nightmares but I was awake and calling out to the nurses. Weird! Tell ya post OT gives me the strangest moments.

Anyhow, this time hopefully it’s better. Probably go into the Pixar movie “Soul” again… hmmm I wonder which sequence will it be this time ??? 😊

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