Getting ready for Second surgery

Getting ready for OT

I was told I could have food up to 6 am. After that, I have to have an empty stomach. Oh yes, I can agree to that! After my vomiting spree after the OT dressing episode! I won’t make that mistake again. So the next day I woke up at 5 am had chappatis ( strangely I don’t relish them much now ) but that’s seemed more practical for me as it was easy and dry. Washed it down with some water and prayed the morning prayers. Although using the commode was difficult due to the height difference of the hospital bed and commode, I still managed to clear my bowel early morning itself. I wouldn’t want to go on the OT table in my in unconscious state!! 😬😬 I know these surgeons deal with a lot of blood, gut and stains it’s probably a mess on the OT table! ( every day scene for them I am sure ) but I am sure that’s one sh***y mess they wouldn’t want to deal with !!😁

Dr. Shahid came for his morning rounds. Told him I had food at 5:00 am. ( I just wanted to make sure that was ok ). He said that’s fine, as long as I don’t eat anything after that. He reconfirmed the surgery time, he said he had another patient before me, so depending on how long that took, I would be next in line. I asked him how many staff would be there in the OT. Altogether about 9 persons. So in animation terms, he’s got a crew of 9 for this skin debridement episode of mine !! 😃

Akthar opening up the OT out fit

I guess I must have dozed off again for a while. When I woke up ( I guess from the knocking on the door ) I saw Akthar standing near me, and the nurse had come to give the Blue OT outfit. I guess it was something around 10 am. I had to change fast and move to the sterile area outside Dr. Shahid’s OT. I kept wondering, the doctor said around midday but why now. Perhaps he was done with that patient, he mentioned earlier? Anyway, I suited up in the blue OT outfit. I didn’t know how’d I be after the surgery or when I would be able to blog again. So while I waited for the taxi !! ( stretcher trolley) 😃😁 to take me to OT, I texted on my blog’s broadcast list, giving my readers a heads up that I won’t be blogging for a while and requesting everyone to keep me in prayers 😊

The taxi came and I moved on its bed. Akthar and my partner followed me as I was wheeled down to the OT sterile area.

Waiting for my turn

As I entered the sterile area, a masked nurse came up to me and said “Nothing to worry about everything is going to be fine” from the little I could make out as I didn’t have my glasses, she seemed aged. Anyway, it’ was nice of her to say that whoever she was. I saw Dr. Shahid in his green OT outfit. “Ready Riyaz!?” I nodded yes. From the stretcher trolley ( the taxi that brought me to the sterile area) I had to move to the OT bed trolley. There are a whole bunch of shifting trolley beds to get to the OT table!! 😊. While people struggled to get me on the OT bed trolley. Dr. Shahid came along and held my knee and foot in position and moved my leg, I was finally on the OT bed trolley. I didn’t see Dr. Shahid after that, I suppose he went to work on another patient. 😊

Now surprisingly I didn’t have any pain or discomfort! when he moved my leg, I guess he knew how to handle it! Obviously 🙄! he’s the guy who put in those fixators!! ( the steelwork of nuts and bolts sticking out from my leg ) 🙄🙄😁

I guess the patient before me on the OT table was going to take time. Coz they moved me to a room, almost similar to the parking lot but smaller in size, termed the pre OT room.

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