The Parking lot … Again ( part two)

Parking lot scene six :Dr. Shahid’s 3rd visit and the deal out of post OT.

I read my Asr prayers and was just finishing with duas, when, Dr Shahid came, checking up on me for the 3rd time!! He was done for the day and was going back to OP. Holding on to my hands he asked about the parking lot experience this time. In fact this time it wasn’t claustrophobic or discomforting. I guess last time the effects of the anesthesia and vomiting all gave it a bad rep. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comforting place, but for a few hours, it wasn’t bad. It could also be that Dr. Shahid kept on visiting me, I’ve already mentioned that each time he came he’d hold my hands perhaps that put me at ease. Although we had already discussed the next treatment plan on one of his earlier visits, I guess, I wasn’t clear on it. He was patient enough to repeat it once again. Now My wound would be attached to a gadget called a VAC machine. Its job is to suck out all the exudate that’s oozing out of my wounds. It would help in healing quicker. He checked with the nurses and said I could leave as soon as the numbness wore off.

The Spectacled masked man came to see if his Dubai patients had returned back safely 😂😁😊. He too asked the nurses to shift me. I had done my time here now I was eager to go. The numbness had worn off almost half the way. The nurse told me I had to be able to move my left foot. I kinda wiggled it to show them “look it moves !! 😊” She told me I can leave once I can raise my left foot up or keep it bend at the knees for a few seconds! Ok so the deal was if I could do any of these things, I could leave??“OK foot! start practising!” I tried and tried but it just wouldn’t lift or bend. I had to give some more time.

Parking lot scene seven : Moosa Kutty leaves, work out continues

Although my nearsightedness made it difficult to see clearly without my glasses. I still tried to see if Moosa Kutty was awake, he was moving his arms about at times. Probably still in sedation. After a while I saw that he was being rolled out, like the plane taxing on the runway all ready to take off through the exit door 😊 I gave small shout “Moosa Kutty! ” Raising his hands he said, “I thought you were sleeping, saw you move your hands and leg, I thought you might be in sedation!!!” 😂 “I was thinking the same about you” I replied, and I reminded him of not having my glasses on. After a brief conversation on how the surgery went and how we both were feeling. Saying our salaams, he took off.

I kept trying to move my left leg. I was so engrossed in my attempt I almost missed meeting Dr Askhar. He was at the nurse’s counter going over some files. I called out to him, and he came by. Asked how I was doing, I told him about my deal with the nurses to be able to move my left leg good enough to be able to leave. He told me he was done for the day at OT and will catch up on rounds. I continued my workout.

Parking lot scene Eight : Meeting Vandana and my exit

I was the only accident patient there, the rest of them through my blurry vision seemed like all of Dr Ismail’s Patients, I could be wrong but that’s what I could make out, un till the spot next to me was occupied by a hand injured patient. She had her left hand wrapped in bandages. This lady called out to nurses and then pointed towards me. I looked at her and asked, “huh what happened” The lady said, “ I thought you wanted to catch the attention of the nurses” she saw me struggling with my leg. I introduced myself and told her that being able to move leg is my ticket out of here. 😁.We got talking while the nurses came to over pad my injury, fresh debridement meant fresh blood and more exudate oozing.

Vandana a student of psychology was not Dr Shahid’s patient. She was under the care of another visiting doctor here, for hand and microsurgeries. She had injured her hand and fingers when she tried to save her pet dog when he jumped out of a moving rickshaw!! We briefly spoke about Patch Adams the movie. I recommend everyone to watch it, especially those in the medical field. In between the conversation I was able to convince the nurses that now, I could actually keep my left leg bent for more than a minute!

My conversation with Vandana came to an end as I got taxied onto the runway for take-off. It was nearly 6:00 pm. It was time to shift me back to my room. The T block ‘pilots’ 😊 came to take me back. Along the ride to my room, I contemplated on how certain experiences can actually make or break a notion or view about a place, or at times even people. The last time I was in the parking lot, I couldn’t bear that place one bit. This time I never wanted to be there but as time passed things didn’t seem all that bad. I guess it had a lot to do with my situation back then and now. And I am sure it also had to do with Dr Shahid’s efforts to visit me in between his cases and make me feel at ease.😊

I would like to write more on the wonderful patient care experiences I have had under Dr Shahid and his unit, but I think that deserves a dedicated post of itself. Besides I feel have stretched this post way too long, and had to post it in two parts. Next stop room 875!

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  1. I hope you are recovering well. What an interesting way to tell your experiences!

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