Days at Room 865

Days at Room 865

The doctors had suggested a period of observation. I even told them I don’t mind staying for 2 to 3 days. The Vac was all new to me, I wanted to make sure that it was working well before I went home with it. But I kinda forgot about the part where I would have to use the commode. This time I didn’t have an SICU bed on hire. The patient bed was higher than the maximum length the commode legs could extend. So doing my business actually was not that easy. Apart from the fact that I had to also now make sure the suction head of the tube attached to my leg didn’t get stretched or pulled. Anoop had told me to be careful with that. So each time I had to maneuver myself on the commode lower than the bed, I also had to keep in mind the tube. So decided to ask the doctors if I could go home.

When Dr.Shahid came for rounds later, I told him about the pain and the discomfort in using the commode. The Vac seems to be working fine. I am off from IVs. He said he didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to go home, However, he’ll check with Dr. Harin and let me know.

Remembering the OT experiences

There was one thing that always bothered me, or rather couldn’t stop thinking about was the two staff at OT that held my hands throughout the surgery. I felt the need to get in touch with them. I knew their names from vague memory, one was Hashim and the other was Shalini or something that sounded of the sort. I had vague reflections of a ring and painted nails, brown outfits and headgear, unlike the usual staff’s outfit. Earlier I had checked with Dr.Shahid about them and he couldn’t throw much light on them. I was beginning to think it was the effects of anesthesia. He suggested it might be the Anesthesia assistance. I didn’t even know there was a post like that in the OT! Anyway, curiosity got the better of me. I had to find out but how?

I took a long shot, I asked one of the nurses, Nurse Praseeda, about OT anesthesia assistance, I told her that I vaguely remember them wearing brown outfits, to which she responded ” Ah if it is brown uniforms, then they are trainees!” I told her one of the trainees names is Hashim or at least I think it is. I asked her a special favor, to see if she could get me his contact number or ask him to come and meet me. She asked if I had any complaints? I said ” NO! not at all as a matter of fact I want to give them a compliment and a very good one at that! ” She smiled and said she’ll do what she can but she can’t promise me anything “. As she left the room I thought to myself funny how people kinda think something’s wrong the minute you enquire about a person !! 😁

Long shot works out

The next day by late afternoon, nurse Praseeda drops by and hands me a small piece of paper with a name and number. She told me that they were in fact OT trainees and she was able to get Hashim’s number off another trainee !! She said that this is the number but the person is on leave for the day. As small as it may seem what she did was an amazing thing!! I couldn’t thank her enough, I really wanted to reach out to these two so much. I guess when your heart is really calling things out of goodness, Allah helps you find a way. It was a long shot and my long shot had worked!

My sleep OT Assistances !

I texted Hashim for the 1st time on WhatsApp. It was kinda exciting, I really wanted to tell Hashim and Shalima ( I got her name from Hashim) that as simple as it may have been of holding my hand throughout the surgery, it helped me a lot.

I added a few screen shots of our conversation here, I still feel excited going over the conversations again on WhatsApp for the post.

” There is a lot more healing that happens with the power of human touch, something that at times medicines can not comprehend ”

He solved my mystery of them removing the gloves, which I had mentioned in my previous post about the OT experience. Apparently, that was the time the surgery was done and he had gone to wash his hands. Seriously anaesthesia makes your whole understanding of the time frame all jumbled up !! I actually thought I was hallucinating or it happened right in the middle of the surgery!!

It was really fun coz there were things that I didn’t remember at all like me asking to see the procedure!! Then I would have been totally out of my mind !!

Like I said in my previous post ‘Another OT experience’ there are these dark spaces between unconsciousness and consciousness, waking up to my hand being held. It did make me at ease when reality struck. Dr Shahid also does the same. A tight yet warm comforting grip that says you are in good hands – The power of human touch goes a long way!

Getting discharged

The Doctors had signed my discharge, although it would be evening clearing up the discharge formalities, the main thing was I was going home !! The doctors came for their usual rounds, we were catching up on OT incidents, cycling stories. I don’t remember if I already mentioned, Dr.Askhar was also into cycling and Dr.Shahid was soon to get his Bergamont. It was always a few minutes of good chat with them, and those few minutes did me wonders!! The Vac machine was functioning fine. So all ready to head home.

I had requested a shot of painkillers coz moving my leg meant waking up Lighting Mc Queen again. So with that done, it was the same drill as last time. I move myself onto the taxi ( stretcher trolley ) that takes me from the room to the exit of the hospital, where the ambulance awaits. I transfer myself on the ambulance stretcher, and I and Akhtar ride out in the ambulance, while my family follows us in the car.

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