From Akthar to Dr.Akthar

The posts continue… Picking up from my last post ( Days at room 865 ) after my 1st wound debridement surgery back at home recovering…

I have already introduced Akthar in my previous posts. He was now becoming to be more of a family now. He got along with everyone and helped out in every way he can. He assisted with my physiotherapy workout and gave me a good foot massage as well. At times I’d have to remind him of certain things buts that’s ok.

We spend a lot of time together when we were at the hospital, nights of pain when Lightning Mc Queen strikes, he’d stay up in case I’d needed to call the nurses for S.O.S meds. At home, I was more independent and with my family around, he’d have more time for himself.

As I mentioned earlier, he used to help out with the physiotherapy routine, that’s when we saw each other the most at home. Other than that it was nature’s call for potty. I did say I was potty trained and commode use was independent.

However, I still needed help with setting the commode closer to my bed, tissues, and water to clean up after I have done my business. Anyhow apart from these two things I was pretty much-doing things on my own. It was at the hospital and admission time I needed more hands-on help.

Akthar’s story

During my wound debridement recovery at the hospital, we’d spend the most time together. I would have liked to give you all a detailed story about this boy’s life if it wasn’t for respect for privacy. So just giving you guys a summary of his story.

One evening we got talking about his family, his parents, and how he worked hard to get where he is today, that was Allah showing me another thread of inspiration. Akthar wasn’t keen on studies in his school days, but he would get by. He wanted to do something with his life. Like many, he didn’t like maths so the next most sought-after career was medicine, but his entrance exam score didn’t qualify for an MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery ) However he didn’t let that stop him.

At this point I expected him to have tried again the following year, but no his score wasn’t bad it just didn’t qualify for MBBS, but he could apply for the BHMS ( Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery ) course. He had a neighbor who was Homeopathy Doctor, so he consulted her and decided to join the course.

Initially, when Akthar began to narrate his story, I am guilty of thinking here’s a story where the lad is focused on a dream and he goes through thick and thin to make his dream come through! Errr no! Akthar was not bent on getting into the field of medicine right from his childhood, he just had an urge to do something with his life! He didn’t like engineering as it involved mathematics! So decided to try medicine. I mean these two fields are the most sort after careers, it’s a sad but most common trend, especially in India.

What I would like to take away from this is, at times you don’t have to have a huge big dream or desire right from the start, I have had many young people tell me “I haven’t found my passion” or “I don’t have the right desire” Sometimes all you need is the passion or right desire to make something of yourself and work hard! and the rest will follow.

After setting up the vac I had to spend a day or two at the hospital, One late evening, My family tells me that, Akthar is leaving !! I went “huh! What !!?. Why ??!” Akthar’s results were published! And he had passed his course !! I was like “wait that wasn’t supposed to happen un till a month from now ???” ( like I control all these things !! Sheesh 🙄 😂) ah!! the crazy thoughts of being human !! 😁.

Akthar was now on his way to become Dr. Akthar after his house surgency of course! I was very happy for him, from our conversations he had mentioned one particular subject he was not confident about passing! I think it was community medicine. Later when Akthar told me the good news in person, he said, it was this subject that he had scored the most marks !! Hard work always pays off. Akthar was not new to hard work, right from his young age, he used to go for any sort of job during summer holidays and other school breaks. The jobs varied from house painting to catering jobs. Akthar taking up the job as a home nurse while he waited for his results is proof of his desire to make something of himself. It’s not easy to take someone’s Sh*t !! 😁 And I mean that in both ways, as part of Akhtar’s job was commode washing, and also the fact that, I can get cranky at times, it’s not easy laying down all day and not being able to move about, especially when in pain it’s pretty hard. But Alhamdulillah I don’t lose it often.

The day he left he came by my side and asked for feedback on how he performed, I loved that about him, liked the fact that he was ready to be assessed and ready to improve. I don’t think many of us would like to be assessed unless it involved a pay raise 😊 but this wasn’t even his actual job!

I am sure there are many Akthars out there, I am glad to have met one. Who came to stay with me for a whole month but stayed only a few days and left a whole lasting inspiration that cannot be measured in days or time.

Akthar if you ever get round to reading this blog post. I want you to know. I wish you the very best for your future, Go out and make a swell doctor!!

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