The 1st Canister Change and Rajettan arrives.

So with the vac all set up, dressing of the wound was done weekly. It was mostly on every Wednesday. The vac machine foam had to be changed every week as well. In between that week, Akthar had left and we began the search for another home nurse, I had questioned myself on this many times. Do I need a home nurse? About now I am managing things on my own of course with the help of my family. Can’t we manage things from here on? However, I don’t want to put too much stress on my family, so the search continued.

1st canister change

Anoop had mentioned that he lived nearby my house, perhaps 2 to 3 km away. And I could call him anytime, I needed help with the Vac machine. During the procedure, Anoop had initially planned on attaching a 500ml canister ( a container attached on the side of the Vac Machine, that collected the exudate being sucked out of the wound ), but Dr. Harin had suggested a 1000ml one. I am glad he did! The grape juice ( my new term for the exudate !!! ) 😁 was now collecting fast in the canister. Now this Machine had all the functions, if there is a block or an air leak there would be an alarm that goes off, likewise if the canister got full, an alarm would go off too. The grape juice had risen to 850 ml by midday. I called up Anoop, but unfortunately, he was out of town and would only return by nighttime. Although Anoop had given us the basics on how the Vac machine functioned and what to do in case the canister filled up. We got a little concerned. This was the 1st time the canister needed to be changed and we didn’t want to take any chances. I called up Anoop when the juice crossed the 850 ml mark. He said he had the fresh Canister pack at home. If I could send someone over he’d ask his father to hand it over. My go-to person in such situations was always my cousin Shibu. He had a two-wheeler. So coordinated with him and by afternoon a fresh canister arrived at my house 😊.

My dad seemed the most concerned among us. Now and then he’d come into the room check the markings and give us the reading. “ ok folks now it’s nearing the 900ml mark, at this rate by nighttime it would have crossed the 950 ml mark!” Like one of the news reporters or weatherman on the news channel !!😃 hourly updates!! 😄

I called up Anoop a 3rd time around late evening saying it was nearly full. He said he was on his way and probably would reach by 8:30 to 9:00 pm. In case the Machine alarm goes off, before that, he gave instructions on how to change the canister and how to restart the Vac machine, once done.

Around 9:00 pm, the grape juice was now at 950 ml plus. No alarm yet. I called Anoop and he said, “ I am reaching in 10 minutes, don’t move or tilt the Machine!” Anoop arrived soon after the call, and Dad got a live demo on how to replace Canister. All it took was 10 minutes max!

Funny how most of us are. Something new to us we all get worked up, it’s not easy stepping out of the emotion, and seeing that things happen, and they happen in His time. 😊 I guess with all of the life lessons, this part is something that we keep learning and re-learning at times !!😊

We thanked Anoop on his way out and asked to excuse the persistent calls, he just smiled and said “ It’s part of my job, no worries and You can contact me anytime! 😊”

Mr. Raja Gopalan Arrives

Our continuing search for a home nurse ended with Mr. Raja Gopalan ( Rajetten). He was recommended by our family friends and relatives. He was a driver by profession but had been working as a school security guard in the recent past. He had sustained a leg injury and had to resign his post. Now that he had regained his health he was looking for a less demanding job. As always the conversation ( interview) over the phone took place, and the nature of the job, accommodation, food, and physiotherapy routine, all was discussed. He wanted to meet me in person and then he would decide. Ok sounds fair enough.

Mr. Raja Gopalan and l met a few days prior to my 1st at Vac change at the hospital. We spoke briefly and going over the job nature again, I stressed the fact that I was independent when it came to commode use and the only thing he’d have to do is set it up for me and the commode washing. Also showed him the videos that I had taken during physiotherapy exercises with Danesh at the hospital. He said he was ok with it and decided to take up the position.😊

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