A ramp was inevitable!

A week after my wound debridement surgery. I had to change the dressing and replace the vac foam every week. By now the back and forth ambulance ride would be a part of my life for the coming months. The stretcher trolley would arrive at my bedside, the stretcher would be placed on the bed, and l would lift the fixator ( the steel pins and nuts and bolt) and move my leg and myself onto the stretcher. My dad, Rajetten ( the new caretaker), and the ambulance driver would place the stretcher back on the trolley and wheel me out to the Ambulance. There are 3 steps at the entrance that we had some difficulties maneuvering the stretcher trolley over in the past. So Dad had got a welder and had made a ramp There is going to be a good deal of hospital visits down the coming months So a ramp was inevitable.

Making of the Ramp

Mr. Handy man had already started working on putting together a ramp much before the weekly visits to the hospital had begun. Gathering leftover materials from my tinker shop ( my terrace ) 😁 and an old metal bed swing dad had in his warehouse ( the sunshade of the patio 😊), he and the welder put together a ramp. It had wheels and was easy to put away when not in use. No more having to hand-carry the stretcher over the stairs Yeah! 😊

Once again, Dad came through for me Love you dad.πŸ₯°

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  1. Ma Sha Allah ! Your dad is awesome πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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