The 2nd Vac change – My day out…

Every Wednesday, I got to see the good doctors and the staff at the hospital. This was becoming more of a thing for me. My day out if I could call it that 😊. This is the only day I leave my bed, get to travel, meet people, and of course joke and chat with the doctors !! In spite of the pain sessions, I am extra happy that day! 😃

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have talks with my family and we have the most interesting conversations at times 😊 but socializing with people outside your family and friends circle is also important. Especially meeting and talking with someone new, and out of the blue. During my treatment and recovery journey, I have met many people at Moulana Hospital, from ambulance drivers, and Ed staff to nonmedical staff, and even the students who come there for training !!

We arrived at the Casualty close to midday Dr. Askhar had informed the Ed staff and I was wheeled into the patient’s bay, after confirming my name and what I was there for.

The bays at casualty are separated by curtains. Most of the time they are not drawn up all the way. While I waited for the shot. I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that was going on in the next bay.

“What’s going on,” asked a weary old voice. A man probably in his late 80’s laying on a bed, in the next bay. He seemed curled up on his side and shaking. With curtains drawn up only halfway, I could only see his face. Then I heard another voice in a louder and harsher tone asking him “ WHAT ?? !! ” The old man very timidly looked up and asked “Can I go home” The other voice snapped at him “ Just be quiet and lie down!! You can’t go home now !!!” 😳 I saw the old man turn his head to the side, with his eyes down. I saw tears trickling down his wrinkled cheeks, he wept in silence. I just couldn’t shake that image from my mind. I wanted to see ‘ what!! ’was that horrible creature that snapped at the old man!!! 😡I wondered what the old man’s story would be. Just as I was drawing up possible scenarios in my mind, I heard one of the ED staff very patiently explaining to the old man why he can’t just go home yet, and how he needs to take his medicines. Alhamdulillah, there are still many good souls out there. 😊 I was taken away from this heartfelt scene when I heard someone walk into my bay.

I turned around to see an ED nurse standing with a syringe and needle “ You are Riyaz?” he asked. He gave me the shot, a little above my left bottom. He told me that I would feel a little sleepy, I smiled and said “yeah I know I was here last week” Same routine! 😊 He enquired about my injury, and how long my treatment would be. His name was Aneesh, a nice fellow. I asked him about the shot “ How come when I get a shot on my bottoms it usually hurts like hell but here at Ed it doesn’t seem so bad ?” He told me that it could be coz of the medicine and also where it’s administered. I had my experiences with painkillers taken on my bottom. Each time it used to hurt. “ You know what I think Aneesh, I think it’s also how it’s administered. I hardly feel the jab even!” He smiled and said “ perhaps”😊 He mentioned something about giving it between the muscles or something of the sort. I couldn’t catch on much I suppose the medicine was taking effect. 😊After a few minutes, I was told to head to Dr.Shahid’s OP. The procedure would be done there this time.

It was the same drill as last time, the only difference was it took place at the doctor’s OP and not the procedure room outside the casualty. Oh and one more thing, it was super cold!! due to the air conditioning and I was parked right under the AC! 😊This time I felt the pressure of prying the tape and foam from the wound quite a bit! I suppose because the whole area had been completely wrapped with the tape since the previous day’s air leak alert. If you had to bite meat off from undercooked chicken legs, you’d know what I mean. Yup! I am a foodie !!😊

I kept dozing out in between, but distinctly remember the excitement everyone cheered once all the foam came off. The wound area was closing in, especially around the 3rd pin. 😊 They’d almost thought the area was covered up, at least until they washed the whole thing with saline. Dr. Harin said, “We still had a few more cms to go”. But hey! it still was good news. “Perhaps at the next review we’d be ready for a skin graft,” said Dr. Shahid. Anoop had replaced the foam with new ones, and the cello tape was wrapped, even around the pins. Just to make sure. The grape juice Canister was nearing its 1000ml mark, according to Anoop it would probably take a day more to hit full. Dr. Askhar had wrapped things up and had to run to OT for another case.

I was in kinda sedation when they wrapped things up. I got wheeled out to the entrance and waited for the ambulance to arrive at the main entrance.

Only if stares turn into conversations

The external fixators seem to draw a lot of attention from people around. Lots of stares! now that I had a tube and the Vac Machine people’s curiosity soared! But I don’t blame them, I might have done the same if I were in their shoes, before going through all this experience. Nevertheless, I would have appreciated it if some of those stares would actually be turned into conversations. 😊 It just so happened that, that day was my wish answered. While I waited for the Ambulance, one staff at a help desk for pregnancy and care – walked over to me and struck up a conversation with me. Ambili had recently joined the hospital, she saw me waiting around and just came up to talk. I told her I was in for an OP dressing and that I still have some effects of the pain killer. Hence the sluggish voice! 😊 I don’t think she got that 😂 however she put on a smile. I introduced her to my family by then the Ambulance arrived. It was stretcher jumping time 😁 and time to head back home!

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    God bless you

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