Salute to the services – Vac Man !

The day the vac foam gets changed, I usually go into shooting pain episodes towards the night. This time it was a wee bit too much, starting early as 7:00 pm. It wasn’t easy dealing with the shooting pain I did have some all-out screaming incidents before I could finally get some sleep.

The meds that I take do have a sedative effect, and can initially fall asleep, but I am up as soon as the pain starts. I wasn’t able to sleep and this one particular night was not going well. With constantly getting up when the pain starts and going back to sleep when it subsides. Worst is with each time I got up so did my family, disturbing their sleep too.

It was nearly 2:00 am. I had just managed to get a few winks. That’s when I heard the familiar sound. It was the Vac Machine! “Allah not another block or air leak I hope!!” 😳I thought to myself, Anoop has done a pretty good wrap-up job for my 2nd Vac change after all the previous blocks and alerts. He had even cellophane taped on the areas under the pins as well as the pins themselves. So it can’t be an air leak and I have been very careful about moving my leg so it can’t be a block either

Realization kicked in a little bit late, and boy was I shocked! 😳The Canister! the canister was full – it was the warning sign!! We knew the canister had to be replaced during the 2nd Vac change that day but figured it would take a day. I didn’t expect it to fill up this fast and at this odd hour. How could we call Anoop at 2:00 am!!?

I called my parents in the other room. They came and Dad read out the warning message on the screen of the machine.

So if the therapy was off for more than 2 hours then the whole dressing has to be replaced with fresh ones!! We couldn’t wait till daybreak, with all the uneasy feeling of having to disturb Anoop at this odd time, yet out of no choice we had to make the call. I sent a pic of a warning message of the machine to him on WhatsApp. He said he would come in half an hour !! Man! What service I thought to myself. I wondered if he’d be ok, traveling at this wee hour of the night on his motorcycle. I was in a mixed state of feelings, having not slept well I was tired and a bit drowsy as well. Dad coordinated with Anoop over the phone from then on and managed to turn the alarm off. My pain had subsided and was starting to feel sleepy while we waited for Anoop to arrive.

We had locked up the front yard gate for the night. Dad went out to unlock the gate and open it. After about 20 to 25 minutes or so. I faintly remember seeing the flash of light fall on the bedroom window pane. It was Anoop! My dad greeted him at the front door. As soon Anoop came in, He quickly went to work, reset the machine, locked the tubes, and within 10 minutes the canister was replaced!! The Vac machine had started the therapy again. All was well!

In my sleepy state, I remember Anoop saying something pointing at me. I guess he was saying it’s ready and I might feel a slight pinch as the suction pressure stabilizes. I saw my father walking out of the room with him. Wallahi! ( By Allah ) I have never seen such dedication to the profession other than from the good doctors. I mean to show up on call at such an odd hour! I mean at that hour we have had trouble with a pack of stray dogs in that area in the past. If it isn’t that then cops. They get suspicious of anyone on a motorcycle at that hour. But I guess when your hearts are in the right place Allah makes your path easier. We would be talking about that exemplary service that Anoop had shown for days to come.😊

I felt a slight pinch across the foam area, it was the foam getting decompressed from the suction pressure just as Anoop had mentioned. It did hurt a bit, but not like the shooting pain. With the canister now replaced and Vac therapy on the go. It was time to get some sleep, it’s been a long day … err .. night for all of us. Well so I thought… but what I didn’t know was things were about to get messed up …..😔

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